Tips for bridal customers

A few helpful tips to make ordering your custom gown a more relaxed and enjoyable experience!

Dress fittings- to make sure your dress is the perfect fit on your big day we need to make sure your measurements are accurate, to help this process you need to wear the same underwear or shape wear that you intend to wear on your big day as different underwear can affect for, bra padding can vary in thickness and leave a dress loose or too tight on the breasts if the wrong bra is worn for fittings, different pants can shape your bottom differently and if you plan on wearing a corset your whole torso shape will likely be affected. Wearing the same shoes or at least those with a similar heel height is also helpful for fitting, especially when it comes to doing the hem! Petticoats or crinolines must also be bought along to fittings if they are purchased separately to the dress.

Budget- tell me your budget, this is not so that I can squeeze as much money out of you as I can! This is so I know what I can and can’t suggest. I don’t want to show you some beautiful lace that you fall in love with but then find it blows your budget, once you’ve fallen on love with that pattern on that expensive lace nothing else will be able to top it and you’ll just get disappointed and disheartened! I want everything to be perfect for you!

Enquire early!- Chameleon Couture is currently a one woman business and can only accept a certain number of commissions at a time. Get in touch early before I’m fully booked up! Wedding dresses also require a lot of work so there needs to be enough time before the wedding to ensure its finished in time.

Inspiration- if you know exactly what you want then make a sketch, or find pictures that illustrate the silhouette you want, the neckline, embellishments or other special features so that we both know exactly what the other is thinking of. If you’re less sure about what you want look through pictures, and just look for dresses that have a feature you like, you don’t need to like the whole dress but make sure you write a note that says exactly what it is you like about each picture, this will help me to get an idea of what you like and don’t like so I can help you more.

Useful to know- silhouette, fabric, colours, embellishments, necklines, wedding location, month of the wedding, classic or contemporary, your favourite and least favourite feature (of your body), these things are all important to know for the design of your dress. I also need to know what you need to be able to do in your dress – sit, stand, dance, go horseback riding? I need to know so we can make sure your dress gives you enough freedom to move and do all the things you want and doesn’t inhibit your plans for the big day.

Speak up!- I will make suggestions and offer advice throughout the whole process in case we come across something that won’t work or if I think something will look better another way, if you’re happy with them tell me! If you’re not happy with them, tell me! I’m not a mind reader and I can’t help to make everything perfect if you don’t tell me there’s a problem!

Don’t forget Chameleon Couture can also design and make your bridal lingerie, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and even make the groomsmen accessories so they match perfectly with your colour scheme!

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