What does made to measure mean?

At Chameleon Couture almost all of our garments are made to measure, this means we take your measurements and make the garment specifically for that size rather than a standard size as you would find in a shop. This means a much better fit over all and less alterations needed later on in the making process.


What sizes do you go up to?

Because our garments are made to measure we are able to cater to all sizes!


What if my body shape/size changes before the wedding – how will that affect fittings? (Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy etc.)

If you are worried about your body changing in the run up to your wedding then please let me know when enquiring/ordering or as soon as you can, this way we can discuss how best to proceed based on the body changes, dress style and time constraints. Please know that at Chameleon Couture we don’t pressure brides to look a certain way. Your fiancé is marrying you because they love you as you are, so why change for one day? We think brides look beautiful no matter what their shape or size.


I live outside the UK, would I still be able to buy from you?

Yes! I have worked with customers from around the world before and am happy to do so. The process is slightly different as you cannot come for fittings and so I will usually get your measurements from you and then make up a toile (test garment) and send that to you to check the fit before starting on the actual garment. Please note though that you will be responsible for shipping costs and any customs fee’s.


I’ve already seen a dress I like, can you make me a copy?

No, I’m afraid I don’t make copies but I can work with you to make something that incorporates some of the ideas you like the most into an original design.


I have a Pinterest board with some of my ideas, can I share it with you?

Yes, seeing your ideas will help me to better understand what you like.


How far in advance do I need to enquire/order from you?

Generally this will depend on what you are ordering, smaller items I can usually fit in around larger orders so can be more ‘last minute’. However wedding dresses or larger my detailed pieces will need more time devoted to them and so to ensure I have the time available I would suggest getting in touch as soon as possible so we can make sure there is enough time available to complete your garment by the date required. With smaller items I would suggest getting in touch 2 months before you need it and larger/ more detailed items from a year’s notice. Although if you have left it later than this you may still get in touch and I will see if there is any way I can fit you in. A deposit will be requested to hold time slots.


I need a dress much sooner than that, can you make me one?

It’s always worth emailing us to check what availability we have. This will always depend on what other work we currently have booked in and how time consuming your garment is but we will do our best to fit you in if it’s possible.


Can I buy one of your sample dresses?

Our sample gowns usually have small defects and due to being used in consultations for people to try on are no longer considered brand new and for this reason I will not sell them, but I am happy to revisit ideas used on samples to make you your own version.


What size samples do you keep?

As most of our samples are used for photo shoots and it is easier to find models who are smaller sizes our current samples are all in sizes 6-8-10 but I do aim to make more sample sizes available for brides to try on in consultations. If you would like to know if we have any current samples in your size please email me to ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


How many fittings will I need?

This will depend on the garment you are ordering and how close you are to my studio. As some styles may need more alterations than others. When you order we will recommend how many fittings we think will be required.


What is the price range for your wedding gowns?

With us being a bespoke service it is difficult to set a price range as so many factors affect the cost of a gown but generally our wedding gowns are between £800-£2000. However if you have a budget less than this we are happy to discuss options with you and advise where cuts could be made.


Do I need to pay a deposit? Can I pay in instalments?

We generally ask for a 50% deposit once design has been fully discussed and contracts signed to confirm your order. This is non-refundable as it is used to purchase the fabrics and other supplies for your dress. We then request 25% at first fitting and the remaining 25% upon collection of your dress. Dresses will not be permitted to leave our studio at any point until the full balance has been paid. We can also work out a customised payment plan for anyone who may need it.


How long is a consultation?

A consultation will usually last an hour if done in person at our studio in Leamington Spa but we can also do email consultations if you are a long distance customer.


I have photos of dresses I like, can I bring them along?

Yes, this will actually really help me to get a feel for the styles, colours, details and silhouettes that you like so that I can incorporate a variety of them into you design.


What should I wear for my consultation and for fittings?

Initial consultations will usually just be to discuss your dress design and to take measurements, for the measurements you need to be wearing something fairly fitted and not too bulky. For fittings you will obviously be getting changed into the garment or test garment, for this I suggest you wear a bra similar to the one you plan to wear with your dress and underwear should be similar to what you plan to wear as well (although no thongs please) shoes of a similar height to those you plan to wear with the garment will also help us to hem to the correct length.


How much is a consultation?

Consultations are currently free but I do ask that if you have to cancel for any reason that you please give at least 24 hours’ notice or inform me immediately if you are running late. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice then you may be charged for future consultations.


Can I bring my children to the consultation?

You are welcome to bring your children to your consultation if you need to but it would usually be easier for us to focus and discuss things without them. Children are obviously welcome to come along if I am also making their dress so that I can take their measurements.


How many people can come to my consultation with me?

My studio is quite small so can quickly become cramped, I’d recommend you just bring one or 2 people with you.


Can I take pictures at my consultation/ fitting?

Of course, we are happy for you to take pictures of yourself in your dress but we do ask that you don’t take pictures of any other commissioned or sample pieces we currently have in the studio.


Do you make accessories as well?

I do although some are only available if ordering alongside larger orders, please email to enquire.


Do you make bridesmaid dresses too?

Yes I make bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and can sometimes offer discounts for more dresses ordered if made from the same fabrics.


Do you make grooms wear?

I can make waist coats and other groomsmen and page boy accessories but I only do this alongside other wedding orders of either wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses.


Will you alter my dresses bought from elsewhere?

No, I’m sorry but I do not offer an alteration service for dresses bought from anywhere other than Chameleon Couture.


If you have any other questions that haven’t been addressed here then feel free to send me an email to Katie-louise@chameleoncouture.co.uk and I’ll get back to you